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  • React native version 0.69.2
  • React version 18.0.0


This repo contains a react native template that:

  • Instantiates a basic redux store with two reducers
  • Declares a basic action creator
  • Configures a stack navigator with several components
  • Configures an encrypted realm database and exposes it with a singleton API
  • Has complete coverage from unit testing


  • Node version 18

Running the app

  • Clone the repo
  • Navigate to the directory in a cli with node accessible
  • Run the command npm install
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Start an Android or iOS simulator (or connect a device with USB debugging configured)
  • In the cli, pass the command npm run android or npm run ios
  • Wait for the build to complete and install on the device

Coding Conventions

  • Lower-case single-word folder names
  • Upper-case single-word file names
  • Upper-case exports IF export is an object or reference
  • Lower-case exports IF export is a function

Testing Scripts

  • "npm run test": run all tests with minimal console output
  • "npm run testVerbose": run all tests with all console output
  • "npm run testCoverage": produce coverage report for all project code
  • "npm run testActionCreators": only test action creators
  • "npm run testApp": only test app screens and components
  • "npm run testMigrations": only test database migrations
  • "npm run testRepos": only test database repositories
  • "npm run testDB": only test database setup and API calls
  • "npm run testNav": only test navigation
  • "npm run testThemes": only test app theming and styles setup
  • "npm run testServices": only test app services